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The Creator

Yvan Serras

Yvan Serras, perfumer-designer

Living at the crossroads between the Loire and the Burgundy regions, Yvan Serras developed the Le Verger Shop product range in 2008. He cleverly designed the layout for his production plant in the shape of a bottle lying in the grass. Cultivating an appreciation for olfactory beauty, Yvan Serras collaborates with a team of experts who help him transform subtle floral, fruity and vegetal notes into fragrances.
Under his ownership, Château de la Mothe Jarry provides the idyllic setting for the brand-dedicated training academy.
In a friendly and studious atmosphere, the academy offers workshops that introduce both French and international clients to the Le Verger Shop concept, the brand's communication strategy and its new product launches throughout the year.

chateau la motte jarry